About Brian

Brian joined the company in 1994, a time when we were beginning to recognize the company needed to respond more seriously to the marketplace’s steady demand for a more dignified sales culture. We did respond, and through an extensive search process decided to accept an articulate former contractor with a four year college degree who had convinced us he was meant to be with this company. Now, two decades later we can point to a multitude of sturdy and straight projects that have been built with Brian’s guidance. He continues to make a better world for area families, property owners and business owners, tradesmen and supply persons. Brian is a rainmaker. We are so happy that he knew so long ago that it was right here that he was meant to be.

On his own time

  • Sharing time with his wonderful family (especially their two grandsons!)
  • Golfing (an enthusiast of the game, its architecture and its history).
  • Kayaking (mostly flatwater and almost always with his wife).
  • Enjoys learning about all things related to science and history (intrigued by both and always has been).