Cabinetry Built to Last: The Proof is in the Pudding

There are many things that Schrader and Company Construction Services is known for in the capital region community, and one of them is the beauty, durability and unparalleled quality of their custom cabinetry.

Fabricated right here in Burnt Hills, NY, each Schrader custom cabinet is created using the best procedures, techniques, and designs under the supervision of Cabinet Designer/Shop Production Manager Robert Page, who has been designing and fabricating cabinets with the company since 1977.

Robert explains how the cabinets are built with an eye to longevity as well as aesthetics. “We make sure our cabinets have an unmatched finish, using the best available products and procedures. Thicker coatings are applied during the finishing process, and the actual finishes used are the best on the market. Only the best and most reliable hardware (moving parts) is used. The hinges, slides, etc., are all built, tested and proven to last a lifetime.”

As far customizing the cabinetry to the client’s design ideals and specific usage needs, the possibilities are virtually endless. There are myriad options available in terms of light rails, fascia, and crown moulding, and countless interior accessories for convenience of use.

Dovetail drawers and soft close hinges are all standard for Schrader cabinetry, and when the casework is always fabricated in our facility, it enables the crew to have remarkable quality control.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet by Schrader & Co

“Exceptional installation of the cabinets, trim and accessories is the last responsibility when considering high quality cabinets. A great installation will give great cabinets that wow factor,” says Robert.

But a picture is worth a thousand words, and the below photographs are the perfect illustration of why it pays to invest in quality cabinetry in a room that must withstand as much wear and tear as the home kitchen.

On the left is a picture of very low grade, poor quality cabinets, installed 1999. They are de-laminating falling apart and in dire need of replacement.  Pictured on the right are high quality Schrader cabinets, installed 1995, still holding up beautifully over time, and functioning perfectly for the owners.

Which would you rather have in your home?

Failing Stock Cabinet
Cabinet Closeup