Design/Build is an integrated approach to building that pursues continuity between design and construction by offering both services from a single source.

We have spent years listening to and helping people visualize and build hundreds of projects for their homes and businesses. From that experience, we have learned that a “team approach” of clients, design professionals, and Schrader and Company, all partnering together, discover the best solutions to address the needs of our clients. By working together to determine what those needs are, and what the budget is, we get to know each other. Through this process we earn each other’s respect and trust. A relationship is forged.

During the Design/Build process, all members of the “team” become comfortable sharing ideas. Design and construction solutions emerge via this exchange. By the time we begin construction, we are fully invested in a well-conceived design and are able to navigate the path to its successful execution. There are no questions of interpretation. The continuity between design and construction is the core of what makes Design/Build so successful.

For those who understand and value the benefits of this proven system, the commitment of time and effort to the Design/Build process is rewarded in the quality of the finished project.

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