Cost vs Value of a Remodeling Project

Have you ever thought much about the Cost of a remodeling project as independent of it’s Value? We think about this nearly every day. On national level Remodeling Magazine publishes an annual “Cost vs Value” report that is based upon their market research of relatively specific geographical areas throughout the country. Albany New York is one example.
Their data suggests the average monetary return on a wide variety of remodeling projects nationally is about 66%. This isn’t a bad return, yet it does expose the reader to the risk of concluding that the value of a home renovation can be measured in dollars alone. We don’t think so. We do believe the cost of a project can be clearly identified. We do this by creating detailed quotes that are based on good design, timely product selections by decision makers, and clear specifications. Generating a project’s cost is then methodical and logical. Value on the other hand is nearly impossible to define in this manner with any certainty.
When you consider your next home renovation project, think about the value it brings to you. Consider what it returns to you, over and over. Are you one who measures their quality of life? Would that include your home being the place where stress seems to melt away, is it a quiet place to become revitalized before you take on your next challenge? For many today a home is a place of comfort, a place for gathering with family, with friends, a place where memories of a lifetime find their beginnings. When you believe the time has come to talk about adding to the value of your home, give us a call, we’ll get that conversation started.