Finding Your Home’s Style

Let’s say you’re looking to change things up in your kitchen but don’t know where to begin? or maybe you’re not sure how to communicate your ideas to a contractor. Finding your own style isn’t all that hard and you can create a style board o that  Well you’re in luck, we’ll be discussing how to find your own personal style for your kitchen, but this process can be used for virtually any.

Start collecting inspiration

When you’re first starting out we suggest collecting anything and everything that catches your eye. Whether digitally, physically or a combination of the two, add freely to this collection- don’t think about it. Editing happens later, right now we are building a collection of elements that call to you. Some of these images may not end up being used at all and that’s fine. By collecting different images and ideas without editing yourself, you’ll end up finding a pattern or common thread that you naturally gravitate to.


Now that you have a collection of inspiration for your kitchen it’s time to start breaking these images down into categories. The categories that you chose to use are up to you and your collection. A few example categories could be – “Kitchen Islands”, “Back Splashes”, “Lighting” and  “Color Palettes”. Again, don’t edit yourself in this stage, that comes next.

Refine your collection

In the beginning of this process your collection of inspirational images consisted of anything and everything that caught your eye. Now it’s time to go through and look at everything you’ve saved. Some images may have lost their appeal to you, and that’s fine, put these images aside and keep going.

Define your collection
Once your collection has been edited down it’s time to look at the images and define what elements of the photo that you like, and anything that you might not like. For example “I really like the shape of these tiles used in this backsplash” or “I like the style of the cabinet doors, but I would prefer to see it in a different finish”. Write down your thoughts as you go through the images and hold onto it for the next step.

Bring it to your contractor

Take your curated collection of images and your notes on the specifics of what you like to your contractor. With a clearly defined picture of what you want, communicating your vision with your contractor should be a breeze.