Happy Retirement to Project Manager Kevin Connor

After more than twenty years of hard work, dedication, and exceptional talent, it’s time for us to bid a fond farewell to Senior Project Manager Kevin Connor.

Kevin came to Schrader and Company in 2000, after a long period of time working as an independent in the commercial field of construction. He quickly established himself within our ranks as a knowledgeable mentor, a thoughtful leader, and an imaginative problem-solver who was always beloved by our clients.

Kevin has led countless renovations in his time at Schrader and Company, bringing his tremendous skill set, reliability, and gentlemanly manner to any and all projects. Kevin has also been an influential and competent mentor to younger carpenters who have joined us over the years. His tutelage and example have helped new team members hone their craft to his level of excellence.

In 2010, after ten years with the company, Schrader and Co. founder Peter Schrader had this to say about Kevin’s contributions to the team: 

“Kevin is one of those leaders who inspire others by setting imaginative goals. All of us can learn from someone who thinks this way—a person who can sort through the noise and discover what has true importance in his life, define that in terms of a goal or a dream worthy of pursuit, and then go after it.”

Kevin’s next chapter will find him out west, where he can enjoy time with his family and grandchildren, and (we hope) lots of time for reading and well-earned relaxation. He takes our best wishes, and profound gratitude for his two decades of service and loyalty with him.

“Over the past twenty years Kevin has been a valuable and thoughtful sounding board, an exceptional craftsman, and a dependable, consummate professional, “says Ben. “He has represented what we want this business to be. Kevin’s profound impact on the company, and those around him, will last far beyond his time at Schrader and Company.”