Holiday Tip Round Up

We know how hectic the holidays can get. Between family, shopping, cooking and cleaning (not to mention your normal daily activities) it can become tiring pretty quick. That is exactly why we have scoured the internet for some helpful holiday resources. Take a look and tell us what you think.

How do you clean that?

The American Cleaning Institute has a little list of how to best clean different surfaces in your home. The Farmer’s Almanac also has a great list of kitchen cleaning tips that will keep your kitchen in tip top shape for the holidays that

Save Time

Real Simple suggests premixing dry baking ingredients in advance to cut down on preparation time during the actual occasion.

Having a gathering of family and friends? Make it a pot luck. Not only will this help reduce the time that you’re spending preparing for the meal, it gives people a chance to share personal holiday recipes that they love too.

have your guests list ingredients in their dishes to avoid potential allergen issues.

Save money, and your sanity

Unless you’ve checked everything and everyone off your list, holiday shopping is inevitable.  Here’s a few tips to help you and your wallet out this season.


Sometimes we get caught up in the excitement and rush of the holidays. Try to make it a point to find a way to give back to your community. From volunteering at a soup kitchen to spending time with an elderly neighbor, you will find that sharing your time with others in need is one of the best ways give and receive holiday cheer.


May your holidays be filled with friends and family!