Learn the Lingo: Bay vs. Bow Window

Bay and box windows often get confused for each other, and it’s very easy to see why. Both styles of windows can make a stunning visual impact on the room in which they are located in, adding light and airiness to your living space. Likewise both bow and bay windows offer the homeowner a fantastic view of the outside surroundings.  Today we’re sharing with you the differences between these two popular window styles.

Bay Window

bay window

Bow Window

bow window
  • Has three windows, consisting of one large picture window with a smaller window on either side of it.
  • Comes out farther from the exterior wall adding more interior space.
  • Normally not as wide as a bow windows because they do not have as many panels.
  • Has 4-5 window panels. The window has a rounded look when viewed from outside because of it’s curved structure.
  • Lets more light in due to having more glass surface area
  • Bow windows can be placed in the corner of a house, creating a cozy light filled nook inside the house, while creating visual interest on the outside of one’s home