Learn the Lingo : Drain Handing – Right, Left, & More

When starting a bathroom remodel or renovation there are plenty of things you’ll be asked. What type of tile do you want? Do you want to add any heating elements? Or an all time favorite question – Do you need a left handed or right handed tub?

A left handed tub

Right handed tub? What does that mean?

Right handed or left handed tub refers to the drain orientation of your tub. The easiest way to figure out which kind of tub you’ll need is to stand in front of your shower as if you are going to go into it. If the drain is to your right you have a right handed tub, and if the drain is on your left you have a left handed tub.

Well what about freestanding tubs?

Freestanding tubs and drop in tubs can be labeled many different ways. You’ll see them marked as right/left, centered, reversible, or sometimes they aren’t labeled at all.


A centered drain

Centered Drain

A centered drain tubs is exactly what it sounds like. The drain is located in the center of the tub.





a drop-in tub can be oriented by rotating it

Reversible Drain

Drop in tubs are commonly listed as having a reversible drain. A drop in tub is inserted into a pier, and because of that drain handing can be switched by rotating the tub.

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