Learn the Lingo – Porch vs. Deck


A simple porch

Let’s start this installment of “Learn the Lingo” off by diving right into the primary difference between a porch and a deck.

 A porch is found at the entrance of a building, allowing people to be sheltered while waiting to gain access home or building. A deck on the other is a floored structure that adjoins to the house, decks may have a sheltered or enclosed area depending on whatever your preferences might be

In addition to location, height is another characteristic that differs between porches and decks. A porch is typically only a few feet above street level, whereas a deck can be up to a story tall and can consist of multiple levels.


A wraparound porch

A wraparound porch

A porch serves the utilitarian function of providing a covered space for people to wait for access to the home. Porches however do not have to be strictly utilitarian, for example the wraparound porch not only gives guests a place to wait outside your home, it can be used for entertaining or for leisurely purposes.   



Both porches and decks can be enclosed for further protection from the elements, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space even when the weather isn’t so great.

A deck with partial enclosure

A deck with partial enclosure

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