Plants for Privacy

Want to make your home your oasis? Seeking solitude? One of the first places you should be looking at is your yard. Front yard or backyard a little educated garden planning can pay off big time in terms of privacy.

Layers, Layers, Layers!

A good privacy garden consists of layers.

Big siding house with porch columns stoned at base, tile roof and beautiful layered flower bed and trim

Here we can see there are three distinct heights in this front yard garden. The tall weeping evergreens have been strategically located in front of the home’s windows to obscure the view from outside. Middle level plants fill the spaces in between the tall trees close to the entryway of the home, and the bottom level of plants and shrubs round out the landscape. When coming up with your own garden plan keep in mind that odd numbers typically make landscaping look more natural than if you were to work in even numbers. For further explanation of this rule of thumb check out this post

Plantings like these can be done along your or the perimeter of your lawn to create your own little quite getaway.





Containers for your patio




Add some containers to your deck or patio. By doing this not only do you gain privacy, you get the opportunity to have a fantastic herb garden right alongside your grill.








Climbing up up and away

Patio furnitureTrellises, pergola, and lattices are all great structures for plants that like to climb and they end up creating a living wall of sorts. A trellis, some pieces of privacy lattice, and a few climbing plants (honeysuckle would be great) could be set up as a beautiful secluded get away spot in your own backyard. You could have summer squash growing up and over a pergola, Think about it big gorgeous squash blossoms and tasty treats from the garden, what’s not to love?