Project Spotlight: A More Efficient and Beautiful Space for a Busy Local Medical Practice

This Project Spotlight takes us into a different kind of renovation; one that calls for innovation, close attention to detail, and specialized construction. Today we’ll look behind the scenes of the remodel of a busy local medical practice, and how Schrader and Company was able to transform the space into a brighter, more appealing, and more efficient office for both doctors and patients.

The fundamental considerations when undertaking this project were two-fold. This busy office needed to be able to function at normal patient volume and maintain a professional and pleasant environment during the construction. And strict attention must be paid to keeping all areas clean and sanitary. These challenges were addressed with careful phasing, exceptional dust protection and noise control, good communication with office staff, and some overnight work on behalf of the Schrader field crew.

This unique renovation allowed for Schrader’s famous custom cabinetry to shine. President Ben Cangeleri explains, “Most of the innovation came through the ability to provide truly custom cabinetry.  A feature as simple as creating a hold in a door and installing an attractive ring allows for the physicians to access the garbage can without touching a door handle, which helps maintain the safety and sanitation standards that our client was looking for. Additional openings in the cabinets were created for easy access to this practice’s most commonly used instruments.  And of course all of the materials that were used meet the chemical requirements for a lab and exam room.”

The waiting room was also given an updated look, specifically designed to be more aesthetically appealing.  A carefully constructed space with thoughtful design communicates so much to anyone who enters it, and this is especially important when it comes to places of essential, and sometimes nervous-making, business. The new clean and inviting waiting and examination rooms instill a sense of calm and comfort in patients.

The clients were thrilled with the beautiful renovation, and the redesign resulted in increased office efficiency and a better patient experience.