Protect Your Patio From Ticks

We had a fairly mild winter here in the capital region, and because of that it is predicted that we will be dealing with an influx of ticks this year. Now, don’t let that ruin your backyard activities this summer. We’re here to share a few tips to keep ticks at bay naturally so you can enjoy the warm weather.

Clear brush and tall grasses around your home.

Ticks do not jump or fly, instead they wait on tall grasses, brush, and leaf matter for a potential host to pass through the area. Clearing out areas of overgrowth will lower the chances of you coming into contact with ticks in your backyard. Keep your lawn mowed and your yard free of leaf debris throughout the season to deter ticks from hanging out on your property.

Create a mulch barrier

Here’s a fun fact, ticks do not like to cross mulch and gravel, they find both materials to be irritating. You can use this to your advantage and create a barrier around your property line. If your backyard is adjacent to a wooded area, you’ll want to create a three foot wide barrier between the treeline and your lawn

Keep woodpiles stacked nicely and away from shade


Tick thrive in moist shady areas, don’t let your woodpile look like a four star hotel. Keep it stacked neatly and in a sunny area if possible.

Repel with plants

There are a few plants that are useful in repelling ticks, these would make a great addition to your mulch barrier, or to planters kept on your patio. These plants include: Mint, Lemongrass, Thyme, Rosemary, Garlic, Chrysanthemums, Fleabane Daisies, and Mexican Marigolds.


We hope that you are able to implement some of these anti-tick tips in your own backyard. Of course, don’t forget to check regularly for ticks on yourself, and especially on children and pets. A little bit of prevention and vigilance can go a long way when protecting you and your loved ones from ticks.