Spring Checkup – foundation vents

It may not feel quite like Spring yet in the capital region, but don’t let that fool you. Now is the time to start looking around the exterior of your home for any damage that may have happened during the Winter. We’re welcoming the arrival of spring by clearing and checking the foundation vents around your home.


If your home has a crawl space there are vents in your foundation. Vents allow air to circulate in the crawlspace, helping to avoid the buildup of excess moisture which could lead to mold growth.


When inspecting the vents in your foundation you first want to clear the vent of any debris that may have accumulated during the winter, after all, air can’t circulate if the vent is obstructed.


After clearing your vent check to ensure that the screen on your vent is still intact. Wild animals think that your crawlspace is the ideal place to set up camp for the winter. The screen on your vents SHOULD deter the little critters, but a damaged screen will do you very little good. Small animals, such as mice, can fit through holes as small as the diameter of a pencil, so make sure to do a thorough inspection.