About Christy

Christy joined the Company in 1976, and has been assigned numerous responsibilities since then, some of which required specific product, safety, or medical training, or special licensing, and all required good judgment. Some examples:

  1. As a mason’s laborer she saved the life of a young boy attacked by a large dog on a hot & humid August day only to be run into by the arriving ambulance as first aid was being applied to her punctured arms and hands.
  2. She worked as a roofer installing garage roof shingles when 6 months pregnant with her first child
  3. She grouted ceramic tile in bathrooms at night so as to not disturb the other tradesmen during their normal work day.
  4. Christy was given charge of the dump runs to the Lake Placid dump when we worked in that area.
  5. She was selected and became a licensed real estate agent so we had our own representation when buying or selling real estate.
  6. On the first house we built, Christy’s labor was traded to the septic system installation contractor when his laborer did not show up for work.

Christy has done everything asked of her the past 40 plus years to the benefit of the company and the people who earn their living there. As the CFO her work output directly and immediately affects every person in the organization.

On her own time

  • Loves the snow. Enjoys knitting, quilting and reading.
  • Is having a blast with her granddaughters.
  • Dedicated NY Giants fan.
  • Commissioner for the West Charlton Fire District, and District Secretary.
  • Volunteer First Responder, Firefighter (inactive) for the West Charlton Fire Dept.