About Erin

Erin joined the company in 2018 in an official capacity, but this is not her first time here. While attending school, Erin worked first in the office and as soon as she was old enough to use power tools (a milestone she found more exciting than reaching the age old enough to drive) she was out working on job sites. Her career path took her elsewhere for a time and she is thrilled to be back.

Erin has had the benefit of seeing the company from another side as well, as a client. When Erin and her husband made the decision to purchase the beloved home of Erin’s Grandparents, they knew that there were more than a few updates and changes that were both necessary and desired to create the setting for the dream of their family home. They also knew there was no better team to entrust with their dream.

On her own time

  • Loves reading, crafting, and art projects
  • Wandering around in the woods, through the snow, or along a lake shoreline
  • But mostly, turning to her two small children and enjoying their experience with the above activities