About Peter

If you were to ask of Peter, “so what’s a Founder”, or “what does a Founder do anyway”? One response as likely as any other might first notice him discretely peering over one shoulder, and then even more covertly peeking over the other as he edged in closer and in a whisper declared “anything he wants to”.

Peter is one who openly credits the stabilizing influence humor has brought to his life. He considers it to be a gift to be able to recognize the absurdity in some of the situations we find ourselves tangled up in. Once we discover and have a little perspective, this perspective exposes the silliness of taking ourselves too seriously. This was a huge discovery for Peter.

A Founder may do anything he wants to…as long as it offends no one, as long as it matches the viewpoint of his client base, as long as he is not embarrassing anyone, and as long as he does not overstay his welcome.

On behalf of all the talented people who have inserted effort into creating and enhancing this site for your enjoyment, this Founder wishes you a visit that inspires.    

On his own time

  • He is enjoying the irony of experiencing long-held personal beliefs and opinions “adjusting themselves” to fresher perspectives as he continues to age.
  • Likes to read.
  • Likes playing any competitive game with family or friends, loves the laughter.
  • One of his most coveted pursuits is everything to do with firewood. The sense of order in a neatly stacked chord of wood, the feeling of self-sufficiency by burning wood for the family home, keeping home & hearth safe and warm, causing a section of the forest to be healthier by selectively cutting damaged or diseased trees, and the spiritual uplift that comes from simply being out in nature’s wonderful space is a lasting gift.
  • Doing any activity or doing nothing, as long as it is with my family. That is special.