That’s Nifty– Kitchen Edition

Kitchens are pretty standard when it comes to what they’re equipped with. Cabinets, countertops, a stove, refrigerator, sink and maybe a dishwasher. That is all you really need to have for a kitchen. Still, you may want to add a little something extra to your kitchen, it may seem frivolous, but again, we aren’t talking about kitchen necessities today. We’re talking about things that will make your friends say “That’s nifty”.

potfillerfaucetPot Filler Faucet

Filling up a large pot in your kitchen sink isn’t so difficult, but it can still be a bit of a pain. Enter the pot filler faucet. A pot filler faucet sits next to your stove and has a swing arm that allows you to swivel the faucet back and forth as needed. Pot filler faucets had a brief boom in popularity a few years ago but has since waned a bit. Don’t let it’s fall in popularity turn you off, if it is a feature that you like, go for it. Depending on the design of the pot filler faucet it could look great in a country style kitchen, but another model might lend itself to to a more modern aesthetic. Pot filler faucets could be a great addition to a kitchen for someone who has arthritis or cannot lift heavy/bulky items easily.


A combination steam/convection oven could yield delicious homemade bread

Steam Oven

Steam ovens appeared on the scene only a few years ago so not many people know that they exist. People love steam ovens for several reasons, not just for steamed vegetables. To begin with, steam ovens are typically smaller than a standard ovens, allowing them to heat up much faster, great for those who aren’t so patient. They’re great for reheating leftovers because they won’t dry out your food. Steam ovens are perfect for ambitious amateur bakers who need steam to create wonderful chewy crusty loaves of bread. A steam oven alone will not brown your foods like a traditional oven, but some steam steam ovens double as conventional ovens.



appliancegarageAppliance Garage

You might love your large upright mixture or your trusty toaster, but you might not be a fan of how they can make your countertop look a bit cluttered. You could put them in a cabinet, and pull it out as needed but that can become cumbersome overtime. This is where an appliance garage can become incredibly useful to cut down on kitchen clutter quickly. You can even have electrical outlets installed in the back of the cabinet to make using your stored appliances a snap!


Stay tuned for more nifty features for your home