Thinking about getting an outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are showing up everywhere now. Before you jump on the trend here are three questions to ask yourself.

Do you have the space?

Even if you already have a deck or patio attached to your home, you may have to make some changes to accommodate your new kitchen. Your current deck may require additional support in order to hold the weight of the outdoor kitchen island. You may also need to build out from your current deck to make room for the kitchen, do you have the space on your property for that? Can you build upwards easily in order to create a shelter from the weather?

What features are you looking for?

Outdoor kitchens run the gamut from the most basic of basic to the all out outrageous. So what do you want in your kitchen (and don’t forget it all adds up!). At minimum an outdoor kitchen should have some sort of work surface, a grill, and a gas line if needed.

An outdoor sink isn’t necessary, but it can be very convenient. However Installing an outdoor sink can become expensive depending on your water lines. Would you be able to make due without a sink or is a must have?

Outdoor fireplaces, smokers, pizza ovens, tiki bar, your imagination (and budget) is the limit when it comes to building your outdoor kitchen. Which brings us to our next question…

How often will you use it?

Are you already a grilling enthusiast? Does your family love to dine al fresco? Chances are an outdoor kitchen would be a great investment for your home and lifestyle. If you’ve never grilled before and you cringe at the idea of sharing your eating space with bugs and all things creepy crawly, it would be a good idea to hold off on adding an outdoor kitchen to your home.

While the outdoor kitchen is becoming more and more popular, the addition of an outdoor kitchen may not boost your home value as much as other home renovations might.