Bathroom Transformation

This project is a recently completed bathroom renovation that we absolutely love. This renovation was unique because the size of the bathroom is a pretty common size for a lot of homes you see these days; it’s not huge but it’s certainly enough space to pack a lot of punch.

The Project

Although white is obviously the most common color for ceilings, it doesn’t always have to be the case. For the ceiling, the clients chose to do a gray color which we also added on half of the walls, so it ties together nicely.

One of the things about this renovation that we loved was the storage area. Schrader and Co. made custom cabinets with flat stock doors for the upper cabinets with a lower drawer cabinet. The lower cabinet is held high so it’s more like countertop where it can be highly functional and features absolutely beautiful soapstone tops, and modern, stainless steel fixtures. It is typical to have a mirror above your sink, which leaves the question of where to put a medicine cabinet. In this particular case, we off-set it to the side and place a mirror up against the wall which works very well.

For the shower, we have a very classic large format subway tile. Subway tile is always a good choice because it never goes out of style and it is current and modern and certainly popular these days, and it looks absolutely beautiful.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this bathroom renovation, and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Happy building and happy remodeling!