Mudroom Transformation

Today I am going to show you a recently completed mudroom renovation, which was a porch prior to renovating that we enclosed to create a modest size, but highly functional entryway and mudroom.

The Project

In this mudroom, we wanted to add some cabinets to create storage for everyday things like shoes, and then we wanted to add in a bench for at least two people; we were kind of limited on the space in here, but this bench is the perfect size for two people to sit down and put on their shoes.

On the opposite side, this paneling was added not only to add nice detailing but for coat hooks to be hung, both high and low, which is perfect for entertaining guests and hanging their coats.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this mudroom.

Happy building and happy remodeling!

Master Bedroom Inspiration Ideas

One of the ideas for these videos is to offer some ideas to you, and maybe give you some inspiration for your own home.

The Projects

In this master bedroom renovation, one of my favorite things is the color palate. On the walls, we have a beautiful, warm blue with white ceilings, white trim, and a neutral carpet with some beautiful vine patterns, and then what we did was contrast with some darker furniture pieces and some darker fixtures which really creates a nice warm and soothing environment.

The other great thing about this bedroom is the amount of natural light. There are ten windows in this room which allows light to flow in, so at the end of a really busy day that might have been a little stressful, this is a wonderful retreat to go to, sit in the nice sitting area, and maybe unwind in front of the television, which is exactly what a master bedroom should do. A master bedroom should be welcoming and calming and warm, and this one hits the nail on the head, no pun intended.

Happy building and happy remodeling!

Custom Entertainment Center

Today we are going to talk about this custom entertainment center that was designed by our client’s designer, which was brought to us to bring it to life.

The Project

We have raised panel doors, with a white finish which is always a classic look. Some of the components within this cabinet are a fair amount of roll-outs, so you have easy access to CDs and DVDs. The other interesting thing about this entertainment center is that behind the center door is a speaker, and to allow easy sound to come out we added some fabric, which looks neats and beautiful and works out very well.

The other neat challenge of this particular project was that there were windows bringing in natural light behind it that we didn’t want to block off, so the upper cabinets were pushed back and the bottom ones were brought forward, and the elevations were changed a little bit to add some interest.

We are very happy with this finished product. It is wonderful to build custom cabinets for a space and/or accomplish a designer’s vision. We hope you enjoyed seeing it.

Happy building and happy remodeling!

Custom Dresser Showcase

For this project, the clients wanted to turn a free-standing piece of furniture into a larger, built-in dresser, but they wanted it to maintain the charm of appearing to be a beautiful furniture piece.

The Project

The Schrader and Co. Cabinet Shop built this in three separate units and tied it all together via top and trim, allowing us to get it into the house and up the stairs and assemble it in the desired space, creating a dresser that looks like furniture. To fully achieve the furniture-esque look for this unit, we added bun feet which give it the right look while allowing ample drawer and storage space for clothes and sweaters and different things like that. We finished the unit with an espresso finish, which gives it a little bit of a darker look, which compliments the floors and the walls perfectly.

This dresser fits the space wonderfully, it provides the homeowners with a nice amount of storage, looks like furniture, but it’s built in, and we’re really happy with the results of the finished project.

We hope you enjoyed seeing it. Happy building and happy remodeling.

Bathroom Transformation

This project is a recently completed bathroom renovation that we absolutely love. This renovation was unique because the size of the bathroom is a pretty common size for a lot of homes you see these days; it’s not huge but it’s certainly enough space to pack a lot of punch.

The Project

Although white is obviously the most common color for ceilings, it doesn’t always have to be the case. For the ceiling, the clients chose to do a gray color which we also added on half of the walls, so it ties together nicely.

One of the things about this renovation that we loved was the storage area. Schrader and Co. made custom cabinets with flat stock doors for the upper cabinets with a lower drawer cabinet. The lower cabinet is held high so it’s more like countertop where it can be highly functional and features absolutely beautiful soapstone tops, and modern, stainless steel fixtures. It is typical to have a mirror above your sink, which leaves the question of where to put a medicine cabinet. In this particular case, we off-set it to the side and place a mirror up against the wall which works very well.

For the shower, we have a very classic large format subway tile. Subway tile is always a good choice because it never goes out of style and it is current and modern and certainly popular these days, and it looks absolutely beautiful.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this bathroom renovation, and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Happy building and happy remodeling!

Ben Cangeleri Discusses Dining Room Paneling

In this project, the homeowners contacted us to add paneling which is a shaker style. Schrader and Co. actually pre-built a lot of the paneling in the shop and then brought it into the home and installed it.

The Project

A couple of things about paneling is that when you have taller ceilings like these ceilings that are 10 foot, it’s always a good idea to have the paneling higher than what you may traditionally see, and that’s what we did here. The other thing that’s really important about paneling is the layout. You may look at this and think that these are all the same paneling, but they’re actually not, they’re adjusted slightly so you don’t end up with a half panel where another wall intersects, and that certainly takes a lot of skill. Our project manager did a great job laying out and crafting this.

Another important deal we wanted to show you is what our Project Manager came up with for the heating and cooling system. There was an existing heating and cooling supply, which normally you would see a metal register over, but what the Project Manager did was slotted the paneling, made sure to measure the airspace to receive enough flow out, and eliminated the need to out a metal register over, which the clients absolutely thrilled by, and we think it’s a really cool and creative way to handle not having a register in your new trim.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this new facelift. We look forward to showing you more projects in the future.

Happy building and happy remodeling!

Master Bathroom Walkthrough

We had a client many years ago tell us that we build for a long lifecycle. We build for projects to last, and for that, it’s really important to us that we’re using quality materials, quality craftsmanship, and that a project looks good not just the day we finish by years later.

The Project

This bathroom renovation was completed a little over eight years ago. This bathroom gets used every day, and it is still absolutely gorgeous, which is what a project should look like years after it’s done.

The vanity is beautiful custom Schrader and Company vanity, with a flushed inset style where there is a face frame and the door sit flush with that frame, with a classic white color which is always a good way to go. We also have a makeup vanity, as well as a nice bench where you can get ready in the morning.

The bathroom features a fair amount of marble; marble countertops, marble floors, and marble shower floors, and also sizeable windows which allow a lot of natural light to come in.

In the separate shower area, we have some wonderful features like the frameless glass enclosures we built. We do a mixture of frameless, fully framed, and semi-frameless. On the shower floor is beautiful marble tile and on the walls, we have a very classic subway tile with a marble strip for a timeless and current look. The shower has two functioning showerheads and two functioning valves which are handheld for convenience, and as an added feature we have installed a bench for comfort.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this bathroom, it looks as beautiful as the day it was finished, and that’s how it should look with a little bit of time.

Happy building and happy remodeling!

Kitchen Transformation

This particular kitchen was made for two registered architects. So, one of the reasons we wanted to show you this kitchen was because of its beautiful mix of painted cabinets and natural cherry cabinets, done in a sort of a different way.

The Project

One of the favorite features of this kitchen is the selection of granite countertops, and this particular color and pattern absolutely works well with the beautiful custom cabinetry, and to tie it all together the clients picked a stunning ceramic backsplash with a beautiful glass feature strip. The nice part of custom cabinetry is that you can sneak storage into different places, like this spice rack which is just a thin, cabinet pull-out, convenient to the cooktop, and uses the space in a perfect way.

The other thing to notice is that when you have a hood in between two spaces, it’s good to keep it sleek and not have it be an obstruction, so having a beautiful hood with some glass doesn’t obstruct the view to the other space that you’re connecting to.

This kitchen has a tremendous of natural light, and it’s already bright to begin with, so one of the ways we accomplished all of that natural light is to add a skylight as well as a large window over the sink; the more natural light the better because it really brightens up the space. When you have a lot of lighter colors, a nice contrast is to add a darker floor and in this particular case, we put in a wood plank tile.

The last feature to see is the lower cabinet. This home had a mudroom on the other side of this wall that really needed more shoe storage, so instead of using this cabinet for the kitchen, we had this lower cabinet service the mudroom, which the clients were thrilled about and we think it’s really cool.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this kitchen.

Happy building and happy remodeling!