Ben Cangeleri Discusses Dining Room Paneling

In this project, the homeowners contacted us to add paneling which is a shaker style. Schrader and Co. actually pre-built a lot of the paneling in the shop and then brought it into the home and installed it.

The Project

A couple of things about paneling is that when you have taller ceilings like these ceilings that are 10 foot, it’s always a good idea to have the paneling higher than what you may traditionally see, and that’s what we did here. The other thing that’s really important about paneling is the layout. You may look at this and think that these are all the same paneling, but they’re actually not, they’re adjusted slightly so you don’t end up with a half panel where another wall intersects, and that certainly takes a lot of skill. Our project manager did a great job laying out and crafting this.

Another important deal we wanted to show you is what our Project Manager came up with for the heating and cooling system. There was an existing heating and cooling supply, which normally you would see a metal register over, but what the Project Manager did was slotted the paneling, made sure to measure the airspace to receive enough flow out, and eliminated the need to out a metal register over, which the clients absolutely thrilled by, and we think it’s a really cool and creative way to handle not having a register in your new trim.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this new facelift. We look forward to showing you more projects in the future.

Happy building and happy remodeling!