Custom Entertainment Center

Today we are going to talk about this custom entertainment center that was designed by our client’s designer, which was brought to us to bring it to life.

The Project

We have raised panel doors, with a white finish which is always a classic look. Some of the components within this cabinet are a fair amount of roll-outs, so you have easy access to CDs and DVDs. The other interesting thing about this entertainment center is that behind the center door is a speaker, and to allow easy sound to come out we added some fabric, which looks neats and beautiful and works out very well.

The other neat challenge of this particular project was that there were windows bringing in natural light behind it that we didn’t want to block off, so the upper cabinets were pushed back and the bottom ones were brought forward, and the elevations were changed a little bit to add some interest.

We are very happy with this finished product. It is wonderful to build custom cabinets for a space and/or accomplish a designer’s vision. We hope you enjoyed seeing it.

Happy building and happy remodeling!