Eagle Scouts Honor Val DeCesare

We are always so proud of the talented team of professionals that comprise Schrader and Company, but when one of our own receives special recognition for their good works, we just have to share the news.

Senior Project Manager Val DeCesare has been with us for over 24 years, demonstrating his passion and skill for quality craftsmanship in countless clients’ homes. Val has also been generous with his time and talents to the Eagle Scouts over the years, and they recently showed their appreciation for his efforts with this plaque.

Immaculate Conception Eagle Troop 65 had undertaken a project to help the East Glenville Community Care Preschool improve their facilities through the construction of new benches,, shelves, storage cabinets and small easels. Val stepped in to lend his expertise to the venture, ensuring a job well done for the Eagle Scouts as well as the preschool.

Troop member Dylan Drewes who spearheaded the improvement project personally presented Val with the plaque in recognition of his help.

Congratulations, Val! Your community thanks you for your years of thoughtful engagement, and your co-workers are proud of you.