Planely Speaking

Several concurring influences are presently impacting our lives at Schrader and Company and doing so in a very
nice way. They are clearly connected to the fullness of our commitment to career, community, and country. We
make no secret of the “all‐in” intensity with which we apply ourselves to the planning phase and then to the
constructing phase of the projects we undertake. Permit me to comment on the attractiveness and lasting value of
the work our people produce. It is distinct, often recognized and admired by others, yet rarely equaled. We are
very open about why we believe this is so, it is this “fullness of our commitment “ I mention above. Yes, we are
committed to doing great work and to honest business practices, and that is as it should be. But for today, I make
reference to a broader view of our commitments. This is notable news, timely, and worth sharing.
Ben, our company president, is the recently installed 2013 President of the Capital Region Building and
Remodeling Association (CRBRA). Through recent years Ben has been active on a variety of committees, chair of
the Remodeler’s Council, a vice president, and a member of the board. Observing Ben’s selfless commitment has
special meaning to me. My own volunteer efforts began in the 1970’s when serving on the local builder
association’s board, and eventually as their president in 1985. Ben is now the third individual from Schrader and
Company to commit to this level of leadership responsibility. He follows Margie Miller, an employee of ours at the
time and the association president in 2005, who also has the distinction of being the first female president.
Significant to me personally was being asked to officiate at the formal installation for each (in 2005 and again in
2013). The honor that was mine on these two occasions, and now the memories, will forever be among the dearest
to me.
(An email came across my desk the morning following Ben’s installation that said “….we are so very pleased with
Ben as our president. Schrader and Company knows how to make great Presidents. Silas watch out!”)
Schrader and Company is a Veteran owned company. My service in the military was during the Vietnam War as
an equipment operator in the U.S. Navy Seabees. I was deployed to Vietnam in 1968 and 1969, and honorably
discharged July 1970. My oldest son, Silas, is our company vice president. Silas was recently promoted to Major,
U.S. Marine Corps, and is a veteran of the Iraq War, having served two tours.
The month of October will mark 40 years of Schrader and Company conducting the business of building. That
time span is worthy of some comment and for establishing perspective. Our company president, Ben, had not been
born yet when this company began. John Hudson was the winner of the pool guessing the birth weight of Silas.
Silas is now our company vice president. Both John, a 35 year employee, and Silas are full time employees of our
company. I remember hiring Robert on the day he finished high school. Robert is now a grandfather. He is also a
full time 36 year employee of our company who manages the production of the cabinet shop.
Being able to share our good news with you means a lot to us, especially because news of substance doesn’t just
happen, it requires something akin to this “fullness of our commitment”. In describing this commitment more
precisely I would say we clearly do not fear nor withdraw from hard work, actually we embrace it. I would add we
have proven to ourselves that it makes far more sense to work smart while working hard and therefore have
committed ourselves to nothing less. And finally, it is precisely when we unleash the ferocity of our passion and
direct it to our daily labors that, well, let’s just say this is when the magic really takes over.
As I close I am left with just one unsettled bit of news …. is it, can it, really be 40 years…. already….