Schrader and Company Construction Services Celebrates 40 Years of Success

schrader-40A look back at four decades of achievement for a company built by dedicated employees

Burnt Hills, NY – September 2013

Founded  by  Peter  Schrader  and  his  wife  Christy in  1973, Schrader  and  Company will  commemorate  forty  years  of success  this  October. The talented  people  who comprise this nationally  recognized  remodeling  and  construction firm  pause  for  a  moment  of  reflection  and  celebration  as they prepare to step confidently into the future.

Things have changed markedly since the advent of the company in 1973 when it was Peter who could be seen working alone on job sites, pulling nights, holidays and weekends in order to build his reputation for fairness and excellent work. The demand for the type of building services he provided would continue to increase through the years, and he would respond by adding staff with the appropriate skill sets.

A certain type of individual has always been attracted to Peter’s company, to the same demanding exactness he believes in, and answerable to strict yet fair and consistent standards. These are sincere people; truthful, trustworthy, and of good character. This was how Peter built a great company – with exceptional people. Over the following decades, the company grew, one good person at a time, and the Schrader name became synonymous with superior craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Focused strategically on remodeling and custom cabinetry, the business grew in scale and numbers.

Appreciation for their efforts yielded great results, and “Schrader” has become a household name in the capital region, and enjoyed national recognition and awards. When asked how it feels to watch his self-started company reach this significant benchmark, Peter Schrader had this to say: “To have been successful for a forty year run confirms for me that we used more good judgment than bad, that we were spot on with both our day to day and with our long range operating philosophies, and that we did the right thing by conducting our business in a fair and honest manner with every single person we worked with and for. And that I can tell you feels good, real good.” Peter credits much of his personal success to the love and support of his family, most especially his wife and partner, Christy. “My part in the success of the business is quite simple,” he said. ”I was persistent to a fault, determined beyond common sense, over adventurous, lucky, and I was having fun.”

About Schrader and Company

Schrader and Company continues to set the standard of craftsmanship and professional management by which other remodeling companies in the region are often judged. Their time-tested process for providing exceptional remodeling services is of proven value to their clients. They believe it offers the surest route to a successful and affordable remodeling project. Schrader and Company is a nationally recognized, award winning residential remodeling and cabinetmaking company that provides a full range of services including design/build additions, whole house renovations, kitchen and bath remodeling, home repairs and maintenance, and the fabrication and installation of locally crafted cabinetry and custom millwork.

Schrader and Company has received a number of accolades over their forty year history.  The company has been named by Qualified Remodeler Magazine as a national “Top 500” company for numerous years since the recognition first began in the 1980’s. The company was named as a Remodeling Magazine prestigious Big50 Company in 1989. Remodeling Magazine’s annual list of the nation’s Top 550 has included Schrader and Company each year since the List’s debut.