Summer time is a great time for these projects

Warm rays of the sun, cool breezes, the smell of flowers in the air, it could only mean one thing. That’s right summer is just about here in the Capital Region, and we’re sharing some of the best projects to begin now that the threat of snow and frost has passed.

Replacing windows

Windows can be replaced anytime, but who wants to install a bay window in the middle of January? Replacing your windows with more efficient windows in the summer months can also help keep your utility bills down.

Kitchen Remodeling and Renovations

Kitchen projects can become tiresome pretty quickly, especially if you prefer home cooking over take out. Luckily you can still enjoy a home cooked meal without use of your stove during these warm months. Go ahead and brush up on your grill skills while your kitchen is temporarily out of service. Cooking outside during the summer is also a great way to keep your home cool!

Adding a Deck

The outdoors are where it’s at during the summer months, which is why adding a deck or patio to your home is one of the best summer projects. Adding a deck or patio can be a quick project if you’re prepared and have someone knowledgeable doing the job, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your new addition.