Who We Support and Why: Charlton Historical Society

We love being an active part of our community and sharing with you the organizations and philanthropies that matter to us.

The Charlton Historical Society is one such organization, and because of the good work they do, as well as the fact that it is home to some of our valued Schrader and Company team members, we count them among our favorite local philanthropies.

The mission of the Charlton Historical Society is to promote and encourage original historical research, disseminate educational material on local history, and cooperate with educational institutions to gather, preserve, display and make available for study materials and records relating to Charlton History.

Learning more about our local history is always a positive thing. It links us to our neighbors and connects us to our roots. 

One of the ways we support the Charlton Historical Society is by sponsoring their Charlton Heritage 5K. We’ve enjoyed being a sponsor since 2013. Proceeds from the race go right back into the Charlton Historical Society to support their continuing good works. 

To learn more about the Charlton History Society, you can visit their website.