All Treats and No Tricks

halloween trick or treat safety tips

Soon enough the streets will be filled with little ones going door to door in search of sweet candy treats. Here a few tips on how to keep those superheros, cartoon characters, and ghouls that come to your home safe.


1 – Trim your hedges


If you have any hedges or shrubs in the front of the property it is a great time to trim them back a bit. Doing so will help increase visibility for trick or treaters AND drivers.


trickortreaters2 –  Clear the way


A few days before halloween take the time to walk from the front of your property to your front door. Pick up any fallen branches, loose rocks or similar tripping hazards from the path. Fallen leaves can become hazardous especially if there has been rain recently


… and because we are in New York, in case of snow or sleet, make sure to shovel and salt your walkways.


3 – Light it up


Now that you’ve removed any potential tripping hazards from the path to your front door, it’s time to brighten it up. You can even work pathway lights into your decorations if you have any. Don’t forget to check your porch light and change the bulb if needed.


4 – Keep your pets in another area of the house


Halloween can be rough on your family pet, it’s a break from their normal routine. A night filled with so many different noises and smells to take in can really make some pets anxious. Scared pets may try to dart outside when the door opened, or could become aggressive if they perceive a threat. Even if your pooch is friendly, all the excitement might cause them to jump and knock over little trick or treaters.


We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!