Who We Support and Why: SNACpack

It’s time for another installment of our “Who We Support and Why” series, where we highlight a local philanthropic organization that is close to our hearts and values, and tell you why and how we at Schrader and Company choose to lend them our support.

The SNACpack Program is an amazing local organization that is addressing the too prevalent issue of childhood hunger in our community. The Saratoga Nutritional Assistance for Children (SNACpack) was founded in 2014, when a Saratoga County student who was struggling in school and thought to be learning disabled was instead revealed to be profoundly hungry, and struggling in the classroom as a result.

While schools can provide on site breakfast and lunch to students in need, SNACpack is filling the void of weekend and school vacation nutritional needs by providing children with backpacks stocked with multiple breakfast and entree options, a loaf of bread, a milk card for a gallon of milk, snack options, fresh fruits and canned vegetables. These backpacks assure that the student will receive the foods they need to grow and thrive, and also eliminates the obstacle of requiring a family to travel to a food pantry or other food assistance center to fulfill their grocery needs. Over 8% of the students in the Saratoga County district are living in poverty, and in true need of this kind of service.

The kids take their backpacks home on Friday, feeling both secure that their food needs will be met, and a sense of empowerment that they can contribute to their families.

SNACpack runs on volunteer support. Food donations are always needed and welcomed, and  volunteer man hours are necessary as well, to stuff the bags and backpacks. Schrader and Company employees have been both donating and volunteering with SNACpack for awhile now, and we are thrilled to be able to involve even our own young children in lending a hand. It’s been a wonderful experience for our kids, and an excellent introduction to community service as assembling the bags is a simple and fun task that even the youngest volunteer can master and enjoy. 

Last year, our client appreciation dinner at Caffe Lena also served as a fundraiser for SNACpack, and we are so grateful to our clients who heeded the call and came ready with generous food donations which we turned over to the organization.

There is no better investment in our community’s future, and no more vulnerable population that our own Saratoga County youth. We love being part of SNACpack’s efforts to make sure these deserving children’s most basic needs are met.

If you’d like to learn more about SNACpack and ways to donate and become involved, please visit their website.