This year is a really big one for us…

celebrating_40In case you hadn’t already heard, all of us at Schrader and Company will be celebrating 40 years of improving our client’s homes throughout the greater Capital Region. In today’s world of disposable products and low quality service, it seems that both have sadly become the norm. And in some warped and desensitized way, most of us have come to accept this kind of woeful underperformance. Conversely, we look upon the things that continue to consistently deliver with great admiration and satisfaction.“Reliable” is a word that is often used when speaking about such people, products and organizations. These are the ones that stand the true test of time.And it is time that is most often the measure of reliable things. At Schrader and Company, we pride ourselves on being dependable, committed, and dedicated to our clients. Here are a few“time‐related” statistics which help to illustrate our mission:

40: the number of years we will have been in business when this October shows up on our calendars. It all began in 1973 when Peter and Christy Schrader, the founders of Schrader and Company, laid the solid foundation for our company.

18: the average number of years an employee has worked at Schrader and Company. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website states that the average length of employment for a worker in our country is less than 5 years (actually4.6 years!). The fact that our company has an average over three times that tenure tells a compelling story. This is not to mention two of our employees who have been here for more than 30 years.

15: the number of dedicated professionals who work and worry about improving our client’s homes, and their lives, with as much care as we would give our own, quite often, even more.

270: the cumulative number of years of professional experience our staff has in the remodeling industry. In fact, this figure is a bit low. We actually have well over 300 years of experience between us. Without exception, we use this shared experience on a daily basis to make our products better for our clients. We consistently rely on one another for professional advice, all with our client’s best interests in mind.

40-yearsThe accomplishment of 40 successful years in business is significant and telling. It is a tremendous source of pride and accomplishment for us all.It proves to all that employ us, know us, or work alongside us that we have true staying power; even in difficult economic times. Many of you who are reading this have visited our showroom, our office, and cabinet shop here in Burnt Hills. If you haven’t yet, please do. For those of you who have, you may have noticed a small sign that is hung over our shop manager’s office door. It reads “This Company Shall Continue Forever!” For those of us here at Schrader and Company, we have absolutely no doubt that it will