Brooke Weinert

ABOUT BROOKE Brooke is a recent graduate of Cazenovia College and brings to our team a BFA in Interior Design, an expertise in CAD, and a passion for helping people discover their perfect home [...]

Brian Taber

About Brian Brian joined the company in 1994, a time when we were beginning to recognize the company needed to respond more seriously to the marketplace’s steady demand for a more dignified sales [...]

Leigh Schrader

About Leigh Leigh followed the longest path to get here, that aside, we are certainly happy she decided to join our family, expand our family, and bring her talents to make the lives of our [...]

Silas Schrader

ABOUT SILAS Silas joined the company in 2009 in a formal commitment. This followed a lifetime of working in and around the company, traveling with his father to check out job sites, and spending [...]

Christy Schrader

About Christy Christy joined the Company in 1976, and has been assigned numerous responsibilities since then, some of which required specific product, safety, or medical training, or special [...]

Peter Schrader

About Peter If you were to ask of Peter, “so what’s a Founder”, or “what does a Founder do anyway”? One response as likely as any other might first notice him discretely peering over one [...]

John Pelerin

About John John joined the company in 2002 and continues steady and sure, to improve his skill. He is a reliable producer, assembler, and installer of blemish free cabinetry and he does this, it [...]

Robert Page

About Robert Robert joined the company in 1977. This would be his first job after graduating from High School (and decades later it still is). Robert brings with him to his work each day the [...]

Jeremiah Mills

About Jeremiah Jeremiah joined the company in 2002. He is a standout perfectionist among a whole company of perfectionists, and he is a pace setter for defining the level of quality and attention [...]

John Hudson

About John John joined the company in 1978 at which time he began the first 30 years with us in the production side of the business as a Project Manager most often leading large and complex [...]

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