Learn the Lingo – Cerused Wood

There is a design trend showing up in those “Top 10 Trends for 2017” posts – Cerused Wood. Today we’re talking about what it is and it’s history. Cerused wood isn’t a type of wood, it is a [...]

Learn the Lingo – Porch vs. Deck

Let’s start this installment of “Learn the Lingo” off by diving right into the primary difference between a porch and a deck.  A porch is found at the entrance of a building, allowing people to [...]

Learn the Lingo: Transom Windows

Today we’re talking about transom windows, what they are and what do they do. So lets start this off by defining what a transom window is. Traditionally this architectural element was [...]

Learn the Lingo – Rectified Tile

If you’re ever looking at ceramic or porcelain tile, chances are pretty good that you are going to run in the term “rectified” at some point. So what is rectified tile, and why should it [...]