Congratulations on 25 Years, Val DeCesare!

Val DeCesare

At Schrader and Company, we believe strongly that our success as a company is down to the quality of the people on our team. This year marks the 25th anniversary of one such highly valued employee, and we feel so fortunate to have had his talent in our ranks for all these years.

Val DeCesare joined Schrader and Company as a Project Manager on July 27, 1993. From that time to now, Val has contributed to our company culture and reputation for excellence with his consummate professional skills, superior customer service focus, and fine leadership qualities.

Val DeCesare

Val is a “do whatever it takes” kind of craftsman, always ready to jump right into any project, take initiative, and tackle the most complex and challenging problems. This high-energy approach is paired with his brilliant, mechanically-inclined mind. Val always keeps an eye on the finest details and approaches each aspect of a job with finesse and great care.

Because of this specialized skill set, Val is entrusted with some of our largest and most complex renovation and construction projects. As a master carpenter, everyone on the team can look to Val for wisdom and guidance. Over the years, Val has proven to be an excellent teacher to newer employees, imparting his vast knowledge and providing encouragement and freedom so others may grow in their own skills.

In addition to this rarified litany of professional skills, Val personifies all that Schrader and Company prizes in quality of character. He is a devoted family man. He gives generously of his time and talents to the Boy Scouts. And he treats our clients as anyone would want to be treated, often welcoming them back into their new and improved homes with a homemade baked good or treat.

We knew we wanted to do something special to celebrate Val and his successful 25 years with our company. As an avid outdoorsman and lover of nature, we hope he will relish our gift of a cross-country trip to the Western part of the country to discover and explore a new landscape with his wife.

Congratulations to our friend and team member Val DeCesare on 25 years of hard work and dedication. Thank you for elevating our company, keeping the bar so high, and for beautifying countless homes across our region. We look forward to many more years of successful renovation with you.

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Investing In Our Team

Investing in our Team Tools

Here at Schrader and Company, we strongly believe that our greatest asset is our employees. Without their dedication, talent, and work ethic we would not be the business we are today.

Because we hold our team members in such high esteem, we are always ready to invest in them. To that end, we recently sent two of our apprentice carpenters to Hudson Valley Community College to take some courses that would increase the depth and breadth of their construction knowledge.

Investing In Our Team Schrader

These kinds of continuing education classes benefit not just our individual employees by adding skills and knowledge to their wheelhouse, but benefit our company as a whole, enabling us to better serve our clients.

“We are proud of the long tenure of our average employee, and funding relevant coursework to accelerate their learning and training is one way that we support our dedicated staff,” says Silas Schrader.

Schrader and Company maintains the related goals of having employees for life, and clients for life, and only by having the team with the highest levels of skills and professionalism can we meet that goal.

If you’re interested in being part of Schrader and Company and learning more about our company culture of growth and respect, don’t hesitate to apply today.

Breaking Down the Barriers to Your Dream Layout

One of the things that makes home remodeling and renovation so rewarding and exciting is that it enables a homeowner to stay in the home that they already love, while opening up all of the possibilities to the home of their dreams.

Sometimes renovation entails the modernization of a space to keep up with the times, or the expansion of a space to grow as a family’s needs might. And sometimes renovation means completely changing the flow and layout of a home to better suit the desires of the homeowner and the way they wish to live. This was the case in this Project Spotlight, in which we took down the walls that defined many smaller rooms to create an open, airy flow. The results are incredible, and if you didn’t know the before and after photos were the same residence, it would be hard to imagine.

These clients came to us with hopes for a much more open floor plan for their home. They are avid cooks, so creating a flow from the kitchen to other rooms that could be used for entertaining, dining and food storage was paramount. Walls were taken down to achieve this goal, and a new pantry, mudroom, bathroom and sunroom were renovated in addition to a fully updated kitchen.

The remodeled space boasts may cool features, including two kinds of countertops–a solid surface stone on the curved kitchen island (a notable feature in and of itself) and walnut underneath a row of custom cabinetry. The new cabinets are a shaker-style, constructed in our cabinet shop. There’s a beautiful bead board backsplash in the kitchen as well as a sleek hood over the range which does not obstruct the view to the sunroom, and adds to the open feel of the space.

Even though this was a large-scale renovation, we were committed to minimizing the inconvenience to our clients, as is always our priority. We were thrilled that they reported to us that the experience was low-impact during the construction, and they were able to go about their lives, and even work from home as the renovation progressed.

The results speak for themselves, and the transformation of this home is one we are always proud to share with prospective clients to illustrate just how much change is possible with the right design plan in place, and the best of skilled tradesman at work.

Take a look at the stunning before and after gallery below and give us a call if you’re ready to open up your home to some fresh possibilities!